09 September 2011

Daddy is sweeter than glucose!

Mummy is scheduled for 2 blood tests today (to Daddy's horror), one for checking the usual things and another for a glucose test because great grandmother on Mummy's side has diabetes.

The glucose test was SO GROSS!

They made Mummy drink a huge cup full of thick, cold and super super super super super sweet glucose:

Mummy was supposed to finish it at one shot if possible, if not to finish it within 15 minutes.

Mummy cannot find words to describe how disgusting the taste was. To cut short my misery, I made myself glup it down as fast as possible.

The test is to take 2 hours and Mummy was given some strict instructions:

(1) no food / drinks / plain water in the next 2 hours

(2) no puking

(3) If I feel dizzy, Daddy is to being me back to the treatment room immediately.

(4) Be back in the treatment room 2 hours later. Sharp on time. They even made Mummy check her watch to synchronize our times.

When Daddy heard that he is to send Mummy to the treatment room immediately if I feel dizzy, Daddy said:" ok, if you faint I will send you to the treatment room but if I faint, can you send me to the children's ward?".

To make good use of time, Daddy and Mummy joined the queue to see the gynae. Whilst waiting, Daddy read comics on his phone and Mummy started to blog.

Suddenly, Daddy looked up from his phone, turned to Mummy and said: "Mummy, dun do anything, conserve your energy..."

Mummy was puzzled and so she asked "why?".

Daddy said: "because I'm so hungry.. You must be hungry too.."

Mummy was amused because Daddy seem to have forgotten that I was given a whole cup of glucose and so I'm not hungry. I told Daddy so and Daddy batted his eyelids twice at Mummy before rubbing his tummy and said :" Mummy, I want to fast together with you, also in case they need me to do any tests but I'm so hungry now.. :( "

It was only then did Mummy realize that Daddy had not taken his breakfast which we packed along with us. Mummy had bought Daddy's favorite milk bread last night and usually, Daddy can't wait to devour it. Poor Daddy must be suffering the pain of temptation on top of his hunger.

Mummy wanted to take a picture of Daddy because the look was so sad and so comical but Daddy was camera shy. The most I could get out of him was:

Mummy told Daddy to eat his bread since he was hungry but Daddy gave Mummy a determined look and said:" No Mummy, I fast together with you, we eat together later." Awww... What a sweet boy!

Daddy watched the time faithfully for Mummy, looking up every now and then at the clock and also habitually looking up whenever the queue number jumps.

When the time was finally up and Mummy had my blood taken for the glucose test, Daddy looked especially happy. We were just walking out of the clinic when Daddy said :" there is something I must do now.." before dipping his hands in the bag where we packed two milk bread. He took one out and asked Mummy to eat it.

Daddy asked if i want an entire milk bread since its time we get a proper meal. Mummy thought about it and asked Daddy if he wanted to share one bread but Daddy gave me a toothy grin and said :" Its ok Mummy, i'll take a whole one myself!"

Haha I just knew it!

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