17 September 2011

The test

Using the blood glucose test kit is simple enough but it's really disgusting to have to prick myself 7 times a day.

Mummy is chicken so I've only monitored the after meal and before bedtime readings today, which makes it a total of 4 times I have to prick myself.

The device which I use to prick myself is a small but deadly little thing that looks like this:

So painful that when we were going the tests yesterday, there was a 2nd time mummy who break out in cold sweat whenever we had to prick ourselves. She would hesitate and hesitate and I get really nervous around her when she's doing that. It disturbs me mentally!

Mummy's blood always flow like it's free whenever I prick myself, which makes it even more disgusting:

And I end up with multiple wounds on all my fingers:

But all these are much much better than the other mummies who had to self inject insulin. More pain on top of the pricking.

So I'm going to be a good girl even if my readings are on the low side. Just in case.

And for the record, Daddy is a brave boy! When I pricked myself just now, he decided to watch me do it. :)

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