07 September 2011


Daddy had a long and hard day at work yesterday.
But after his shower, Daddy started doing research on our future home.
He researched and researched and did calculations on what we can afford...

But Mummy can tell that Daddy's fatique is gradually setting in...
His chubby face sinks deeper and deeper into our uber comfortable pillows...

And there came a point in time when Mummy could tell.. its furtile for Daddy to fight the sleep monster...

Reminds Mummy of something she's read in a book:
"Graduates leave university and can't find a job. Old people reach retirement and have almost nothing to live on. Grown-ups have no time to dream, struggling from nine to five to support their family and pay for their children's education, always bumping up against the thing we all know as "harsh reality"..." - Paulo Coelho, The Aleph
We spend so much time at work, trying to earn a living for what we think is a "better life". But then you never ever get to experience the "better life" other than in monetary terms and sometimes, not even in monetary terms. You can't witness the important milestones in your child's growth because you are hard at work. You can't rest in peace when you are sick because you need to be responsible at work. Somebody invented the idea of leave entitlement for the things that are important to you but yet, the word "entitlement" seem to be throughly ignored and entirely replaced with "subject to approval".

What happened to the "better life" you were working for?

I have been kindly adviced by countless people who have reached a stage in life where they can see clearly, what is important at the end of the day. They all tell me that it is entirely different from what you think is important now. But most people, including themselves, realised it too late.

Daddy works very hard to try and give us the best he can afford but Mummy makes it a point to let him know that we don't need the best of everything. We just want poor Daddy to get some rest.

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