13 September 2011

Jing Jing and Jiao Jiao

After breakfast one day, Mummy and Daddy were taking the lift back home when Mummy noticed that Daddys eyes were puffy and rimmed with dark eye circles underneath. So I said "Oh dear, Daddy better get more sleep when we reach home.. if not, you're going to look like Jiao Jiao on your t-shirt... "

Daddy looked like he stopped to think for a moment, then he blinked his eyes a number of times and pointed at his t-shirt saying "Mummy, this is Jing Jing, not Jiao Jiao" before proceeding to laugh his head off at Mummy, shaking his butt when we reached the lift landing and doing a little jig as he went down the stairs..

Mummy would have kicked his butt if I could catch up with him...

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