10 September 2011

Lazy saturday morning

Mummy and Daddy have been waking up uber early (by our standards) the past few days..and Mummy's bio clock seem to have tuned into that routine.

This morning, Mummy's eyes opened at 7.45am. I look around in a daze and saw Daddy still sleeping like a baby.

And then Joy Joy kicked me in either the ribs or one of my organs. It hurt so much Mummy let out a "OUCH!" and Daddy's eyes fluttered open.

"Joy Joy" he said sleepily before putting his hands on Mummy's tummy. Different from usual, Joy Joy the naughty girl continued kicking so hard that Mummy's tummy was contorted into various shapes.

Daddy somehow fell back asleep and Joy Joy told Mummy that she wants to go for Mac breakfast. Mummy thought about it for a while but fell asleep whilst thinking about it.

By the time Mummy woke up again at about 9.15am in the morning, she could see images of all the Macdonalds breakfast value meals floating in the room. Joy Joy and Mummy's squashed stomach were also making a huge ruckus.

So Mummy woke Daddy up and told him we want to go for Macdonalds Breakfast. Surprisingly, Daddy the lazy bum only lazed in bed for a short while before announcing he was going to brush his teeth, wash his face and take us out for breakfast.

And so, we had breakfast by the park in the cool breeze.

Daddy the angel finished the hotcakes we couldn't finish:

When we got home Daddy and Mummy climbed back on bed. Daddy watched his DVD whilst Mummy read her book:

Such a relaxing morning!

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