28 September 2011

Joy Joy has fun!

It hasn't felt more real than it does now, the fact that we're having a baby I mean!

Joy Joy is having fun all day long in my tummy. She steps on my organs, rolls around, nudges, kicks and seem to be doing somersaults inside me. I can totally imagine the kind of baby she will be.. Active (hopefully not HYPERactive) and loves to play!

Maybe she is playing "rearranging mummy's insides" or maybe she is playing a game called "matching the shapes"..

Whatever game it is, I think the rule of the game is that she scores points when mummy gets a shock (1 pt) / is tickled (2 pts) / wakes up in the middle of the night to go toilet (3 pts for making mummy move) / "ouch" in pain (10 pts, like fighting king):

My little girl wouldn't stop even if I ask her nicely not to stomp in her bedroom. She stops only when Daddy puts his hands on my tummy. But Daddy just flew to KL again this morning! (Hopefully, for the last time before Joy Joy is born to the world).

Joy Joy seems to be having a party in my tummy and going "Weeeeeeeeee! Daddy's not around to scold me! Weeeeeeeeee! I'm going to play and play all day long!"

I told Daddy that and he says if she plays to much I am to tell her that Daddy's there. But.. I don't think it's working! I've already told her that Daddy's going away for a few days and asked her not to start off mummy's labour until Daddy is back at least.

It's a pity I havn't been able to take a video of my crazily moving tummy because Joy Joy stops the minute I try to record. Or maybe I should just keep on recording so that she'll not play non-stop??

Other times I know that she stretches because it's too cramp for her (my baby is growing so quickly!) Gets better when I change into a position that gives her more space.

It feels like I'm carrying a really active baby, only with my tummy and not in my arms..Hmmm.... Is she chubby like Daddy? Hehehehehe

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