17 September 2011

Watching the sugar

At our last gynae visit, Mummy felt fine right after she had the glucose, just that it tasted disgusting.

But after some time, Mummy began to feel light headed although, in Mummy's opinion, it wasn't serious enough to be considered dizziness. And then Mummy started to feel sleepy.. And then Mummy started to feel very sleepy..

By the time we left the clinic after the glucose test, Mummy felt exhausted and ready for bed. Daddy asked me what I wanted to eat but I was so lethargic that I couldn't think of anything.

Later that day, tests results were out:

The target blood sugar level:
Before food: 3.3 to 5.5 mmol/L
2 hrs after food: 5.5 to 7 mmol/L

Mummy's blood sugar level:
Before food: 4.0 mmol/L
2 hrs after glucose: 8.0 mmol/L

Mummy's after food/glucose BSL is diabetic and so Mummy was asked to go for a one day course to understand gestational diabetes and how to manage it including controlling my diet. Daddy can't go with me because the course is about some practical aspect of managing gestational diabetes.

And so Mummy fasted from 12 midnight on thursday and went for the course yesterday.

There were 4 other mummys-to-be, we had 1 nurse trainer and 1 dietitian come in to help us tailor our diet to suit our lifestyle and a total of 5 meals including 2 snacks in the hospital.

The training took place in this room:

Its like mini living room with seats that had extreeeeeeeeeemely comfortable cushions to give us good back support:

The cushions were so comfortable I asked the nurse where we can get them. She said she wanted to get them too but found out that they were tailor maid for the hospital many many years ago, the tailors are no longer around. So sad! But at least I finally know what's the most comfortable type of cushion you can get for your back.

These were the meals we had. It keeps you full and satiated the whole day; the portions were huge and we were instructed to finish everything. Mummy didn't feel like I wanted to snack more or take any more food other than what I had.

Breakfast @ 9am:

Snack on Julie's Wheat Biscuits & 1 cup of HL Skimmed Milk at 11am

Lunch at 1.00pm:

Snack @ 3pm with a cup of milk:

Dinner at 5pm:

Mummy's diet plan:

Mummy's readings are actually on the low side with a controlled diet. So I decided to monitor my blood glucose levels with some adjustments to the diet like including 3 teaspoon of condensed milk and some dried raisins with my morning oats like I usually make it for Daddy and myself every morning. My after food readings was still below normal after breakfast and lunch today.

I took 2 goreng pisangs before dinner and it finally fell within the normal range in my after dinner reading. Daddy gave me some mangos, pomelos, wheat biscuits and a cup of milk for supper and my reading 2 hours later just made it within the normal range.

I think it might be that the glucose I was made to drink for the blood glucose test is > what I would usually intake on a daily basis. That's why my test readings were high but readings based on my sugar intake in a controlled diet and on my usual diet is actually low. It's good news in a way if so!

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