10 November 2011

A pint of happiness

1-2 weeks ago, Mummy realized that there was a promotion for every 2 pints of Hagen Daz Ice-cream and so I bought it for Daddy in our favorite Rum & Raisin flavor.

Daddy was waiting at home for me and didn't know what I bought and on the way home I was secretly happy and looking forward to seeing his reaction. When I reached home he came to open the door for me and i asked him to guess what I bought.. He said "I dunno Mummy" innocently and I passed him the bags.

His expression was priceless when he took a look at its contents. Something like this but better:

That's how much he love his Rum & Raisin ice-cream.

Daddy had one pint a few days after and one day I asked him when would he like to have the other pint and he said "I will have it the next time I feel sad". LOL.

A few days ago, Daddy had his 2nd pint of happiness:

(photo edited to protect modesty of subject)

After that I asked him if he felt happy and he said "Yes mummy.. I'm happy now!"

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