02 November 2011

New Ride

There was a warehouse sale at one of the baby stuff distributor located at an uber ulu place and Mummy the family shopper alerted Daddy.

On our way there, Mummy kept on reminding herself that our target is a stroller / car seat and we will only look at strollers / car seats when we get there.

Not many stroller brands available, only 2 european brands but they were good enough.

The one I like particularly aesthetically is the Mylo from Mama & Papas:

High seating, choice of front and back facing, zipped up storage under the stroller (weight will stabilize stroller and nobody can see what i put in there) also comes with a bassinet for newborns but a major minus point was that it doesn't fold up compactly. Given Mummy's size, it's not an option, especially if I'm to be out with Joy Joy on my own. The price was also not cheap at 1.3k with 40% off. Over what we discussed we would spend on strollers. So it's out!

The same brand has maclaren-like models which looked reasonably comfortable, comes with a sun guard and folds up easily but minus point is that they look like they're for bigger kids.

In the end we settled for the micralite toro in red:

Good reviews on the Internet, comes with bassinet cot for transporting new borns, can last till Joy Joy is 4 yrs old, has stable wheels, folds up easily / able to fold up with one hand, aesthetically pleasing and we were the first 5 to purchase this stroller on that day, able to get the full set at $429 instead of the original price of $1088.

They only sold expensive Ricardo car seats so we didn't buy, altho they were willing to give us bulk discount if a few of us buys (Daddy happens to have a few friends who had / are having babies this year).

Nothing else to get at the sale since we have just about everything else.

When we got home, Mummy made Daddy open up the boxes and set up the stroller to see if there were any defects. Everything was good except that the bassinet was mouldy on the underside. I checked and the guy said we could return it for a good one but Daddy and I both felt that it might not be worth the trip to exchange the $30 bassinet, we should be able to clean it ourselves and so we haven't gone to exchange... Yet. Hopefully, we're right but with so many things happening recently, we haven't gotten down to cleaning it.

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