16 November 2011

The Tooth Monster

The China Girl is now back for her once (or twice) yearly visit and I was out with them yesterday. I had a called with Daddy to see if he wanted to join us after work and he told me he was experiencing bad Bad BAD toothache on two of his teeth and can't make it although he really wanted to.

Shortly after, Daddy called me again and asked me where I left the painkiller his dentist prescribed for him. I told him where and know that he must be in great pain because usually, Daddy avoids medication until he is desperate for relief.

Daddy heard me unlocking the gate / door when I got home and quickly came out from our room to come to me. He rested his head on my shoulder and said "Mummy, its so painful", looking for comfort from me. I said "Poor thing.." and gave him a hug. "I tried many ways including brushing my teeth, gargling the mouth wash but it all didnt help" he continued to sulk "so painful that I can't take it and my saliva keep flowing down by itself until my whole mouth is full". And then he gave me a major sulk face and wanted me to comfort him.

Whilst I was sayang-ing Daddy, I caught the scent of our shampoo and body wash and I knew that he had bathed. Somehow it was endearing. Daddy bathing on his own without me nagging at him. But i also know that he must have been really tired and disturbed from the pain.

For the rest of the night, he "talked" to me in mumbles or just made sounds for me to guess what he intended to say. When we decided to call it a night, I passed 臭臭to him so that he could sleep better but he was in agonising pain throughout and we woke up in the middle of the night to give him panadol for the pain since he couldn't take painkillers again. He looked so miserable it was heartbreaking. Poor Daddy..

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