20 November 2011

Again unable to sleep properly and I was awake by 6.18am on 19 November. Rested in the dark to wait for 6.30am so that I can wake Daddy up for his IPPT.

Had breakfast and chatted with Grandma and Grandpa after Daddy left home before doing the filing, random surfing and settling paperwork we need to do before my admission:

By the time Daddy came back at 8 plus, i was exhausted and had to take a nap. I Slept till 11plus and rested till 12 plus before we had lunch and after resting for some time, Daddy started spring cleaning the room, changing our bed sheet and setting up Joy Joy's playpen:

We had a quick dinner at 6plus pm before going out to buy a float, disposable underwear, head support and I got some cure mittens for Joy Joy whilst Daddy cut hair and buy bread for us to have in the delivery ward.

I had planned to sleep at 3pm but it was 9pm when we got home. I took a long bath before packing my bag a little then climbed into our comfy bed to rest. I couldn't sleep at all. Daddy turned on the air-con for me joined me later after bathing. It was the last time we were going to have the room / bed to ourselves with Joy Joy in my tummy. The next time we go back, our little girl would have arrived. We chatted in bed and rested with Daddy hand on my tummy. What a cozy feeling.

We were to wake up at 12.30am for our appointment at 1.30am. In between I kept on waking up to go to the toilet. At 11.18pm, I discharged jelly like mucus plug after Joy Joy kept on pushing down several times.Sharp pain each time!

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