29 November 2011

Who are you really pacifying?

I bought 4 of this pacifier before I read up about pacifiers. I chose pacifiers which resemblesq human nipples (the way they look like when baby suckles) and felt really good about it since I bought something that could help baby and me.

But now I know, pacifiers are bad. Personal experience is that they make your baby abuse your nipple (i.e suckle harder. think: chewing toy).

Other cons I read about are:

(1) reduces baby's need to suckle on your breasts which translates to less stimulation and opportunity cost in building up your milk supply

(2) Nipple confusion. The official term is that but my personal term is laziness in getting milk from mummy.

(3) Dental problems

(4) Speech delays

(5) Photos with a plastic thing in your baby's mouth instead of her beautiful smile.

The truth is, all they do is calm your nerves. Not your babies. Pacifiers were invented for babies' caretakers.

Joy Joy rejects pacifiers and only takes it when Grandma forces it on her and Mummy is not responding to her cries. Grandma gets flustered when Joy Joy cries and Joy Joy really cries hard, like this:

I made a decision to hide the pacifier from Grandma this morning. I told her that it causes Joy Joy to take a long time to feed and/or not be able to feed from my breasts.

We just have to find another way to soothe Joy Joy.

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