04 November 2011

The familiar delivery suite

This morning when I woke up, I felt slightly dizzy before breakfast. Daddy (who read the Essence of Chicken post last night and was indignant about me wondering how long he can keep it up) warmed up 2 bottles of chicken essence and said "Cheers". We both struggled to finish it.

I went back to sleep after having milk and bread whilst he went to work. Woke up feeling a little dizzy but got up to go for my routine gynae check up at KKH.

I intended to take public transport but before leaving the house, i felt pain in the muscles by the side of my abdomen whenever Joy Joy moved. It continued and worsened when I stood by the roadside for about 10mins waiting for a cab. Better when I was sitting down in the cab.

At KKH, after I've done the routine tests, to my surprise, I was asked to go straight to the delivery suite. The nurse who did the routine test noticed that I was having more than the usual kind of pain whenever Joy Joy kicks or when I was walking.

And here I am now, lying in the same familiar bed in the delivery suite for monitoring. They want to know if I've been experiencing contractions.

I'm told I can go off from here if I'm having contractions but labour is not likely to be anytime soon. Cross my fingers and hope not!!!

I can't see the charts properly but from this picture I took, don't think i'm having regular contractions:

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