12 November 2011

Joy Joy moves down

At my routine check yesterday (11.11.11!), the Gynae said that Joy Joy is moving further down the birth canal although my cervix is still closed. After examination, I lost more mucus plug.

Thought she was really gonna arrive when I had contractions timed at about 10 minutes apart initially which reduced to less than a minute apart. Maybe I walked a lot yesterday, when I sat down, the contractions stopped.

Walking also sent bouts of electric-shock like sensations shooting up the inner side of my right thigh, followed by numbness after that.I feel breathless easily, my palms are often swollen and lower thighs too. Sometimes drinking a lot of water solves the swollen palms and thigh problem within an hour or 2 but it didn't help last night and in typing this on my phone with swollen fingers.

I was telling Daddy yesterday that now I can feel the weight of Joy Joy's head resting on my right inner thigh / pelvic bone. I put my fist into the crook of his elbow and pressed down to try and show him how it feels like. Feeling this is incredible IMO, almost like carrying her in my arms.

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