09 November 2011

We know a kind soul

We are fortunate to know people who go out of their way to help us.

When Daddy's colleague (also my ex colleague) knew that I was pregnant, she told him not to get a carseat because she had one we could use. Fast forward many months to recently, to save some money, I shamelessly texted her to ask if we could still have the car seat and she was so prompt to reply. She said "Yes, definitely. I planned to call alex...will call him."

The next day, she called Daddy early in the morning and asked if he could meet her up before he went to the office. Daddy was up bright and early that day but still she was too super early and Daddy couldn't make it in time to meet her.

Next thing we knew, she had her hubby drive her to Daddy's office and left it there for Daddy. So touched!

We (more like Daddy) cleaned it up last weekend and it's almost as good as new! ^.^ Now we're really ready for Joy Joy!

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