09 November 2011

Home Sweet Home

Daddy was unusually stressed out yesterday because of work. He called me just as I was about to call him last night to let me know that he would be home late and to keep some food for him. I said "Ok baby! call me before you leave office so I can heat up the food for you and we share some fruits"

I was surfing the net and saw that it was almost 11pm and Daddy hadn't called me yet. I called him and he told me "Mummy, I'm at my wits end.. There's something I need to finish today but I'm still struggling with it". Sounded so tired and miserable, I could visualize his sad puppy face.

He called me shortly after midnight to say that he was leaving office and getting into his car and that the last time he looked at the time on his phone, it was 12:02, his birthdate (LOL).

When we got off the phone, I went to check that the wooden front door was not locked, less he gets emo ("nobody loves me" he would say when he finds the wooden door locked before he gets home at night). Then went to place his furry bedroom slippers by the bedroom door. Next I helped Daddy get the laptop in position for surfing, with comfy pillows and of course our beloved 臭臭 strategically placed with hugging reach. And lastly got ready his bath towel and change of clothes.

When Daddy got home, I was in the bedroom and first thing he said to me was ":( how come I didnt see my mummy welcoming me at the door". Super manja.

I went to heat up the black chicken soup we saved for him and sat down at the table to chat with him whilst he ate the food we saved for him and had his hot soup ("Hot soup is always nice isn't it Daddy" I asked and he said "Yes mummy hot soup is nice..... But I don't like to be in hot soup" -_-'''). He brought back cupcakes and I took out our last bit of soya beancurd to share with him. The poor boy was starving.

Daddy asked if i could clean up whilst he went to get a hot shower so that we could both be back in bed at about the same time to rest, chat and relax together. "I'm not going to surf the net today Mummy, I need rest so that I have enough energy for tomorrow". To me, it translates to "Mummy, I'm stressed at work and it saps my energy". So much so that he voluntarily forgos his surfing to rest.

After bathing, he sprawled himself on the bed beside me and read his favourite online comics whilst waiting for his hair to dry. "I can't sleep with my hair wet mummy" he explained to me with an innocent face.

We chatted and he sayang-ed Joy Joy who seemed to know that Daddy's home and was moving a whole lot, only calming down when Daddy rubbed my tummy and told her "Daddy loooooovvvee you". I asked Daddy if he was ready for Joy Joy's birth and he stopped in his tracks before saying "I need to learn how to write her chinese name". We had the aircorn on and after chatting for some time whilst Daddy read his comics,  he looked happier and more relaxed.. he looked more like this by then:

© Getty Images
I always felt that this is what home should be like. When you're really really exhausted at the end of a day or when you had a really really bad day, you go home and get a good hot meal, a hot shower and recharge in the company of your family.

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