02 November 2011

Essence of Chicken

The night after I was discharged for the 2nd time, Daddy was watching TV in the living room (or so I thought) whilst I was in the room when I heard Daddy call for me...

"Miss Goh~~... Where are you~~?" he asked in a sing song manner.

"Something must be wrong!" I immediately thought.

"No I should say Mdm Goh... Where are you???" he asked again, this time louder.

And I immediately knew why he was looking for me and hobbled to hide in the bedroom toilet.

But of course he found me. And he asked "Why are you hiding?" I shook my head and did not answer. Then we both laughed our heads off.

"Why you laugh kitten?" "You know why I'm looking for you meh?" he said. I nodded my head and said "You want to make me drink essence of chicken!" And we both laughed our heads off. "how come you know?" He asked in between his laughter and I replied that I just know. Maybe from the way he calls me.

I still hate the taste of chicken essence but because Daddy already heated it up for me, I had to drink it so that I don't waste it. My strategy is to pinch my nose and glup it down to shorten my misery. Sometimes the taste comes back up but that's unavoidable. Wonder who thought of bottling chicken essence.. What a bad idea in my opinion! Grrrr!

That night I didn't sleep well and the next morning, didn't wake up as early in the morning. Daddy left me to sleep until before he had to go off to work.

"Wake up Kitten.. Why are you sleeping like a baby?" he said. Then he bent down above me and told me to grab him to help myself sit up. Not knowing what was happening, I did what he said and then he handed me a hot bottle of chicken essence:

"you made it for me?" i asked. "Yes, now you must drink a bottle every day. I'm gonna make it for you every morning before i go to work" he said. "and after work today, I'm going to buy somemore"

"it's too hot!" I said "I'll drink it later" and then I left it on the side table beside our bed to cool. "Are you going to throw it away after I leave?" Daddy asked. I shook my head and did drink it in the end.

Although I'm not sure how long Daddy can keep up the effort and I absolutely hate chicken essence, I thought it was sweet of him to do that. To-date, It was the last time Daddy heated up chicken essence for me in the morning (hahaha) .

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