17 November 2011

Labour Drill

I have been training Daddy on what to do in the labour ward. For ages its been:

(1) NO medical students pls.
(2) Full breastfeeding, NO formula pls
(3) I want Joy Joy to latch on immediately after birth, definately within 15 minutes. Weighing, cleaning etc can wait.
(4) Tell the nurses / doctors I MIGHT want epidural
(5) Check with me at around 3cm & again at around 6cm on whether I want epidural
(6) No C-Section unless absolutely, life-threateningly necessary
(7) Daddy to cut Joy Joy's cord

Now, I want to add the following:

(8) Daddy to video Joy Joy's birth moment
(9) After baby has latched on, we take a family photo then Daddy is to FOLLOW THE BABY and take photos (we had a short photography session so that Daddy know how to use the cam / video cam)
(10) I want Joy Joy to sleep with me. Beside me in her baby bed / with me in bed so that I am not far away when she needs Mummy.

And change (4) and (5) to:

I want to have a natural birth without epidural. TRY!

Poor Daddy haha.. so many things to remember.. but i've written it down here, just in case... hahaha

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