16 November 2011

Drought relief

True story.

Pregnancy makes my skin ultra ultra ultra dry (like a very severe skin drought) . So dry that it cracked and bleed. Scratching my skin and causing pain to myself is more relief than feeling the itch (I did a blood test, cleared for liver problems) but it resulted in a multitude of scratch marks on my body rather than stretch marks. Daddy said its painful for him to see me scratch myself, the wounds are really bad.

I have been going to dermatologists at the national skin centre for years and at one of my appointments I asked the doctor how i could relief the itch also particularly since I am pregnant and should avoid certain ingredients in skincare. Usually, the dermatologists are spot on with their medication but this time, nothing they prescribed could help me at all. I also tried other moisturisers  ( cetaphil, physio gel, QV etc etc etc) and no matter how potent they claim to be, they didn't give me any relief at all.

By accident, I found that the calendula from California Baby which we got for Joy Joy for nappy rash helped tremendously. But it is (very) expensive and I can't bear to use it on myself. I discovered the first sustainable itch relief from calamine lotion, which a doctor at KKH finally prescribed to me but it helped only with relieving itch for a few hours (after which I needed to re-apply to get relief) and caused me to have uber  dry skin.
And this is the only complete relief I found, after MANY MONTHS of suffering. The Gynae says it safe for use in pregnancy. Even on my thighs and tummy.
I bought this once many months ago and left it unused (at my own home) after two applications because it felt horrible on my then oily skin. In a moment of desperate need for relief whilst I was out, I bought it again when I saw that it was on promotion and really cheap and I'm so glad I did buy it.

I use it everywhere. On my face, neck and wherever needs moisturiser / itch relief and it makes my skin velvety soft (true story!) and very smooth to the touch, solved the dry skin, provided me TOTAL relief from the itch and my wounds are clearing up so quickly, I'm surprised.

So I am writing this down to remember it for the next time I am pregnant (we want two!) or in case anyone else suffers from the same problem.
This is, obviously, not an advert.

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