03 November 2011

Is she coming?

I've been having these sharp pains since last night. Shooting pains down there, the feeling of having pulled muscles by the sides oft abdomen and the little girl was kicking my ribcage all night long. I think I only clocked about 4-5hrs of interrupted sleep.

Didn't measure the frequency because they were so painful, all I wanted to do was to find a position that would feel better.

Had a dietician appointment today and the minute I started walking the lower back aches and cramps by the side started. Better sometimes when I get to sit down but sometimes it doesn't help. Painful and catches me unexpectedly. I couldn't help going ouch when I was talking to the dietician.

I can't tell if Joy Joy is stretching my uterus or my uterus contractions are squeezing her. My tummy just feels like a hard basketball quite often today.

So scared of labour! Is it coming?

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