04 November 2011

Hide & Seek

After Daddy drove home today, he called me from downstairs. So I got up from resting in bed to cut him some fruits whilst Grandma heated up food for Daddy.

Whilst I was cutting I thought I heard the gate / door open. Grandma went out of the kitchen to see if Daddy had come home but returned to the kitchen shortly and said that she didn't see him.

I was taking the skin off a kiwi when Grandma commented that she removes the skin in a different way then she left the kitchen. For some reason I accidentally cut myself deeply. About 0.5-0.75 cm of the fruit knife went into the tip of my left index finger.

I immediately put down the knife, washed my wound quickly under running water (blood was gushing out), pressed hard on the wound, went to the living room to ask Daddy's sister for a plaster and then into the room for the swabs I use for testing blood to disinfect.

Daddy suddenly appeared with plaster and he helped me put one on. It wasn't enough because the cut was deep and we could see blood beginning to seep out from the top of my finger so he put another on to apply pressure whilst trying not to faint and commenting that I look like I'm about to faint.

I later found out that he's been home since the time I heard the door / gate open and close. But.. He wanted to scare surprise me.

According to Daddy he quickly removed his socks and first decided to hide in the quilt (got caught by Grandpa before he could cover himself entirely and Grandpa laughed at him for trying to disturb me). Then Daddy decided it was not a good place to hide, so he went to hide in the bedroom toilet and waited. He waited and waited but I still didn't come into the room.

He got impatient and decided to hide behind the bedroom door instead. He said the space was so small his stomach touched the door and he had to stand with his two feet facing each other to fit in the space. He waited and still I didn't appear, so he watched a show on chicken rice playing in the living room, through the door hinge crack whilst waiting.

And then he suddenly saw me in his sight.... Asking for a plaster then coming into the bedroom to get my swab and realized that I must have cut myself.

"I know that I must stop playing already because Mummy is hurt, so I came out of hiding" he said.

I really can't help laughing at Daddy, every other day is a new funny day.

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