15 November 2011


I didn't get much sleep over the weekend because Joy Joy moved and kicked so much plus I had menstrual like cramps, backache and needed to pee frequently (like once an hour at least) throughout the night.

I must have disrupted Daddy's sleep as well when I got up in the night to either walk around the room to relieve my ache, talk to Joy Joy or go to the toilet. By the next morning I was beyond exhausted. But I felt my hunger pangs on time at 8-830am in the morning because thats the time i wake up every weekday to make breakfast and have breakfast with Daddy before he goes to work. Both days i could only muster the strength to tell Daddy i was hungry and viola he woke up both days at 8plus in the morning to make breakfast for me, clean up before collapsing back into bed again.

Last Sunday, after lunch, I did filing and paperwork for us whilst an exhausted Daddy slept. After which i used Daddy's laptop on our bed. Gradually Daddy moved to snuggle up beside me. Very manja. When he seemed more awake and was lazing in bed resting but not sleeping, I stroked his hair and told him I was craving for something.

"what does mummy want to have?" he asked with one eye open. "Curry puff" "not the one from Ang Mo Kio but the one from Thompson Road" I said.

To my surprise, Daddy said "ok mummy, I drive out to buy for you!" I was gloating at being able to get food on demand (F.O.D) when Daddy added happily "Just right, I feel like driving". (*O*)

Today I have a craving for Wanton Mee. Not just any Wanton Mee but specifically the one at my place. Something I've had since a child. I texted Daddy to whine about it and he replied:

So ok Daddy! I forgive you for diminishing my happiness over the weekend haha.

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