03 November 2011

Our paperwork system

Over time, Daddy and I have set up a system for handling incoming mail, working based on each of our strengths. Payments by Daddy, paperwork administration by me.

Basically there are 3 departments in our system. The reading department (top level, beige), payment department (middle level, orange) and the filing department (bottom level, yellow).

I don't get much mail because mine are still directed to my own home so Daddy is HOD of both the reading and payment departments. I on the other hand file all papers, including mails, warranty cards, payment receipts, bills etc. basically all papers in a filing system which I maintain.

So far so good until today.

I saw that there was a pending payment in the filing department and decided to alert the payment department about it. But! HOD of the payment department actually asked if I had raised a payment request form!

Like hello! Tsk Tsk Tsk!

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