13 November 2011

Joy Joy's Chinese Name

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樂 lè   ㄌㄜˋ
  1. 欢喜,快活;快~。~境。~融融。~不可支。其~无穷。~观(精神愉快,对事物的发展充满信心)。~天(安于自己的处境而没有任何忧虑)。
  2. 使人快乐的事情:取~。逗~。
  3. 对某事甘心情愿:~此不疲。~善好(hào )施。
  4. 笑:这事太可~了。

萲、蕿、蘐 xuān〈名〉
  1. (形声。从艸,宣声。本义:萱草 (Daylily or Hemerocallis)。草本植物,艳丽高洁,有“萱草忘忧”之说
  2. 同本义 [tawnty daylily]。如:萱苏(忘忧草);萱草忘忧(传说食萱草能令人忘忧)
  3. 古称母亲居室为萱堂,后因以萱为母亲或母亲居处的代称 [mother’s room]
    1. 北堂有萱兮,何以忘忧?——《红楼梦》
  4. 又如:萱辰(母亲的生日);萱亲(母亲的别称);萱草(借指母亲)

Joy Joy's full chinese name is 黄乐萱.

The word "乐" was a natural choice of course because of her English name (English name came first!) and we both liked the sound of the word "". This name was chosen very shortly after the name "Joy" was chosen but we actually didn't go look up the meaning of "" until today.

Luckily, in combination, Joy Joy's chinese name satisfy what we hope she will grow up to be and we're happy about it! And I like the feeling which Daylilis gives me, particularly the white version of the flower. Strong, clean and elegant. This flower will remind us of our precious baby from now onwards.

In a way, this post was also written for Daddy, so that he can remember how to write Joy Joy's name when he register her birth (hahahahaha).

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