16 November 2011


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At about 6plus this morning, Daddy told me half asleep that he thinks Joy Joy will be born soon. Last night, he had continuous dreams of different scenarios in which we rushed to the labour ward. After telling me about his dream, he kept on rubbing my tummy whilst he went back to sleep with a smile on his face. I tried to sleep but all I really want to do is to sit quietly and rest for some time.

Yesterday morning, I dreamt that Joy Joy had already been born. I was groggy when I saw her being fed formula milk, got so furious and I took her away to an unknown place where there was only the two of us. I started to latch her on and I remember distinctively, that the feeling of breastfeeding was nice. Was woken up by the sound of my phone beeping from text messages but the feeling stayed with me for a good while.

Not extremely tired today and for the past few weeks since I've been on hospitalization leave, my best bedtime is actually between 9plus - 12pm. After breakfast and after Daddy goes off to work, I have to struggle to keep awake and all it takes is seconds in bed for me to be sleeping and lost to the world until someone texts / calls me.

I better enjoy my naps as much as I can. When Joy Joy is born, uninterrupted sleep will be such a luxury.

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